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Jumping off the cyber cliff

Before I officially begin this computerized cliff jump, let me first of all say Thank you for visiting  my new blog.  It’s a definite work in progress for sure, and I am excited about this first and important “jump” into cyber world. I may look clumsy and I may flail my arms and legs wildly while I jump, however, I most certainly have a huge, unapologetic smile on my face!

I am someone who has always found humor in life, in spite of life’s circumstances.  Like many other people, my upbringing had a lot of challenging aspects.  My childhood was at times, traumatic, scary, confusing, but also had  lots of love thrown in the mix.  Another very common thread throughout my life is laughter and humor. Finding and seeing funny aspects of life is the magic that I treasure.  That is part of what you and I search for.

As a young child, I was quiet and an observer.  I didn’t like to “make waves” , but if I thought something was funny or wanted to make someone laugh, I was not shy at all.  I will give you a for instance:  My mom was having friends over for coffee one day.  I had heard that a good prank would be to add salt to the sugar bowl.  I didn’t just add the salt and go……NOOOOO,  I sat there with all the ladies and waited for the coffee to be poured and the cream and “sugar” to be added.  I anxiously, happily waited for the response to the sour salt taste.  THAT was the reward for me!!  I have no CLUE if I got punished or anything like that, I just remember the funny looks on their faces and the shock that I  (little sweet Lisa) created such a look and response.  I don’t relish the fact that I upset someone, but I wanted the LAUGH and I truly thought that getting that laugh was worth any punishment or consequences that may/may not happen as a result.

Speaking of my mom, who has since passed away, was a very  (most of the time) reserved, loving,  kind, giving, quiet, elegant lady.  Her name was Joanne and she also had a superb sense of humor and loved being silly.  We were very close and we laughed a lot together.  I have posted one of my favorite silly pictures of her that was taken about 5 years ago.  She was magical to me.momgoggleslogo_1

Among many other things that I learned from my mom, laughter and humor were one of best things I learned from her and a definite favorite thing she and I shared.

I now begin this cyber journey and hope that many of you can relate to my story and can find the humor and the laughter in your own lives along the way.  Again, Thank you for taking the time to read my virgin post and I am so looking forward to getting to know each other , laughing and sharing with you.  If any of what I said inspires you, or made you laugh or smile, I would love to hear from youlisabutterfly

This is me in the summer of 2017 riding a “butterfly” on a carousel in Boston, MA.  I love you all!!


 Trying to be awesome mug

One of my favorite comedians

7 thoughts on “Jumping off the cyber cliff”

  1. This is a wonderful idea Lisa! I am so going to follow your blog. I love it… We all need a little bit of humor in our day to day lives. Sometimes things get really difficult and challenging. I do my best to laugh with Alex every chance I get, even if we are in challenging times. Thank you for your smile, your love and your humor. We miss you.


  2. Lisa-wishing you bunches of luck on your newest endeavor. One of my all time favorite quotes is: A sense of humor is a sense of proportion…


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