What not to say to women of a certain age

Both feet in stirrups and NO horse

During my annual “woman’s” exam, the nurse practitioner (who was probably out of medical school for about an hour, tops) looked up from between my thighs and said with a confused yet perky expression “How old ARE you again?” Even though I attempted to laugh it off, I think I actually heard that question in slow motion, or more than likely, was so mortified my brain slammed on its breaks, to keep me from crashing into HELL!

So let me get this straight, it’s not upsetting and disappointing enough to have my face and boobs sag and pucker, my woman junk does too???? Great.


Two more things NOT to say

  • Hold on, let me brush that hair off of your chin

Yes I AM going there

My personal favorite:( I really laughed a lot with this one)

  • Oh here, I found your glasses………………….. in your back fat.

Β If you can read this bring me a glass of wine” socks

Β Dog Sniffing Welcome mat

Β Cat tissue box holder


Wonderful read for us vintage ladies


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