4 of my favorite, funny things my child said.

Busy mom all caught up in the day-to-day stuff

There are so many things to get done as a parent, especially of young children.  You wake up with a to do list in your mind , and more than likely that list changes and morphs as your day goes on.  Needless to say, you can feel stressed and impatient.  Then the sweet, and funny things your children say,  break through the wall of busyness and getting caught up in the details.

One day I was driving along with my daughter in the car, I would say she was about four.  From her car seat behind me, she asked me if I would play the “Dun da Jing” song on the radio.  I said something like, “Honey, there is no Dun da jing song.  I don’t know what that is”.  So she seemed to drop the subject and all went along as usual.  Then another day soon after, she asked for the song while we were in the car and I repeated that I don’t know that song .  Again, all good from there.  A couple of days later, we were in the car and she asked again,  I said” Honey, please stop asking about the dunda jing song, I will have to give you a time out if you don’t stop”.  You get the picture.  SO….not long after, a song came on the radio and my daughter squealed…“Mommy, it’s the DUNDA JING song!!!!!!

I couldn’t conceal my laughter.  It was “Dirty Deeds,  Done Dirt Cheap” (Dun Da Jing) by AC/DC.


A familiar sweet game

You must be familiar with the special and sweet thing that we all have said to our children: “I love you more than the sky” or more than the trees, etc.  This is so fun and kids love it.  I find it very heartwarming.  My daughter and I were with family, I think we were swimming in the pool at my sister’s house.  I said to my daughter , “Rachel I love you more than, the sky” Rachel replied, ” I love you more than……Nipples!” So awesome and real.  To this day, a lot of  my family still say that to each other.


The neighbor

My sister was watching Rachel one afternoon, and I think Rachel may have been about seven .  She just got off the school bus while my sister was speaking to her close friend and neighbor.  My daughter ran over to them.  My sister’s friend looked down at Rachel and asked how her day at school was.  Rachel replied ” We didn’t have recess today because someone wrote Fuck on the slide.”……..Magical.

This last one is one of my favorites.  I just wish there was another adult there to witness  it.  Rachel was about six and she and I were having dinner.  Rachel was eating french fries.  She dipped a fry in ketchup and right before she slid the fry into her mouth, she said “Look mom, a tampon!” I don’t know why I didn’t fall off my chair.

Mom’s Bittersweet Conclusion

My daughter is a teenager now and that in itself is a whole other bunch of posts.  Speaking of which, right before I wrote this post I was actually in tears.  Rachel is growing up and she is becoming more independent and that is how it should be.  However, I was feeling the loss of the little girl who thought I was the sun and moon.  The little girl who loved to hold my hand.  Rachel is growing up to be such a special young lady, and of course I love her still.  I guess because of the changes I see in my daughter, these memories of her making me laugh when she was younger mean even more now.


I’m sure you can relate to this post.  I would love to hear any cute or funny stories you may want to share about the children in your life.  Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “4 of my favorite, funny things my child said.”

  1. I recall the moments when my son became a teenager.  It was in close step with his turning 13, as if by plan — and all of a sudden I became a lot less important, and, in his eyes a lot less intelligent.  Like a wakeup call.  Now as he’s turning 19, he’s an independent-minded lad, and goes out of his way to be kind (I don’t think he gets that from me) – although he’s not without dependence.  It is indeed a bitterweet voyage.

    He’s always been strong-minded – and very smart, and so hard to get engaged and away from his own interests if he sees something as already known or pointless.  One of my special memories is, having splurged on a Robotics kit for his birthday (his 11th, I think) with of course hopes of prompting the next famous scientist or astronaut to bloom, then, without much interest being expressed in that, leaving him later in the afternoon to go out for a while and returning to see he had built a little truck and programmed it to automatically follow along a white line.
    — Not as funny and sweet as your anecdotes, but a touching memory I have.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful and fun stories!


  2. Your article today is really sweet and funny.  This blog, with its articles providing rich backstories and sharp, funny incidents, is wonderful. 

    You have a great sense of fun, with an excellent eye for the story, excellent timing, and a grand perspective of the very real scenes of life along its magical journey.  Thank you for adding a great levity and fun to the day with your very sweet vignettes!


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