I don’t understand why they didn’t laugh


Maybe I shouldn’t be out in public

Have you ever had a silly thought and you thought it was a clever idea to share it?  Let me give you a for instance. I was at a zoo a few summers ago and I was in the bat habitat.  There was a HUGE bat hanging upside down, you know, doing bat things.  Anyhow, it was obviously a male, and I thought it would be funny to ask the girl next to me, while using an exaggerated and quizzical look “Do you think that’s a BOY bat?”  I thought for sure she was going to roar with laughter! Nothing, not even a smile.


Scary Vegetable

This one was just a crazy fluke thing that will probably never happen again. Along with dinner, I had prepared baked potatoes the usual way, being sure to include the act of piercing them before baking.  After everything was cooked, we sat down to dinner and I noticed that my potato was hissing on the plate.  I leaned away slightly, mostly just to be silly, and BOOM the potato exploded on my plate!  As soon as I realized what happened and that no one was hurt, I noticed bits of potato everywhere, including the napkin holder, wall, dining room hutch doors.  I cracked up laughing!  I mean how often does that happen??  I looked over at my ex and nothing, didn’t think it was funny at all.  Seriously, I mean, is it me??

This is one for the dog lovers out there

My sister and her family were at my house and we just finished dinner.  I had let my dog lick one of the plates clean, and my sister happened to be loading the dishwasher at the same time.  Once my dog had cleaned the plate, I said to my sister “We can just put this plate straight into the cabinet, don’t need to run it through the dishwasher”. The look on my sister’s face was priceless. She knew how much I loved my dogs, that’s probably why she had a delayed reaction.  I will say that she did figure out quickly that I was joking.


Funny dog doormat

Silly wine glass

8 thoughts on “I don’t understand why they didn’t laugh”

  1. I don’t know why they didn’t laugh either!! Glad you don’t take it personally: Water off of a duck’s back.

    Keep on enjoying — and sharing! What great stories.


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