You want me to do what in the grocery store?


I think life is about making the most of your days, creating fun wherever you go.  Why not?

Dance baby, Dance

Instead of stressing out about getting your grocery shopping done so you can hurry home or whatever, why not dance to the piped-in music while you shop?  You don’t have to necessarily throw your head around or swing your hips into a mound of potatoes, but you could tap your feet or even hum along to whatever music they are playing.  If its soft music, you can always waltz with a box of cheerios or even better, Mrs. Butterworth!


Get in some cardio

One great idea I created, that will get your heart rate up and it makes you smile.  Pick out a bucket of say, ice cream, preferably one with a handle. Hold the handle in your hand and skip down the aisle!  I get the giggles just thinking about it.  I asked an old boyfriend to do this, just to see if he would skip, and he did!!  I thought that was very endearing, seeing him not care and just being silly.


Emotional bubble wrap

This one is oddly satisfying (to me anyway).  When you see a clean, wrapped hunk or slab of meat in its refrigerated case, give it a good SLAP! I find the big pork roasts work the best. Make sure there are no elderly or young people nearby and let the slap fly! So funny to me.  Plus, its hilarious to see people look around and wonder what’s going on. C’mon, you know you want to try it.


Amazon Gift card in a small shipping box

Melissa and Doug freestanding store toy

8 thoughts on “You want me to do what in the grocery store?”

  1. Great ideas, Lisa! Laughing with you is always a delight!

    I find the grocery store an excellent place to practice my stand-up comedy skills. But exactly zero (count ’em: zero) people agree with me on that.

    But there’s just so much great stand-up material!


    1. I think stand up routines in the grocery store is a perfect idea!! That’s exactly what’s missing, in my opinion. Thank you for your wonderful imput!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What if this gets out of hand? Chaos under the stark fluorescent lighting of the familiar aisles. Music, dancing, swinging pails of ice, irregular patterns of walking, violent abuse, and even comedy, erupting amidst the merchandise! Anarchy of social interaction, and display of human expression being unleashed amongst the defenseless patrons! They are out to disrupt the shopping! A great institution in peril of being torn asunder by nefarious diversion, and society itself put at risk. We must put a stop to this. Where are you taking us, Lisa? How can we save ourselves? Cleanup in Aisle 4!
    — Or maybe we can fight off the shopping police? Just maybe the spirit can triumph – and we can laugh at the ones who stayed home and ordered online. We can laugh … Maybe it’s not too late!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahaaaa! You did it again! I pretty much live in the grocery store. I am taking this with me from now on. Thanks for more ways to spread joy and fun in our day to day routines. Please keep writing. I love you.

    Liked by 1 person

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