Secret Thoughts I Have All Day Long

I either need more adventure in my life, or a support group.


          It was time to change the sheets on my bed.  I discovered that the only clean sheets I had available didn’t match.  I went ahead in spite of my sheet options.  While I was smoothing out the sheets on the mattress, I realized that I was feeling guilty for doing something against the rules of life.  Rules that I didn’t even know I believed in or cared about.



  Then my thoughts took a silly and weird turn, and I thought to myself “I am such a badass, or dare I say it, a rebel, for putting mismatched sheets on my bed”  I’m a bed-making avenger!!  Good thing that there is no “sheet swat team” waiting to smash down my door and haul me away in cuffs.

Well, at the very least, Martha Stewart just passed out somewhere.


Was it real or just my imagination?

 I don’t know about you, but I enjoy it when I am checking out of a store with my items, engaging in idle chit-chat with the person working at the register.  We smile and make eye-contact, they seem to be glad you are there.  It’s like you made a new friend.  pexels-photo-207983.jpeg


Then it happens. Almost immediately after the transaction is complete and they get your money, its like you are dead to them.  They break up with you and don’t even care. They cheat on you with the next person in line and say hello to them, just like they said it to you moments earlier, and you no longer exist.  You smile and wave on your way out, but it goes unnoticed.  Am I the only one who is kind of hurt, and feels used and even a little dirty? Was the love I felt only in my mind?



 Maybe it’s the heartbreak

  I find satisfaction when I return my empty grocery cart to its designated area in the parking lot. As someone who always tries to be nice, I feel a rush in being what I perceive as reckless, violent with grocery cart returns. In my mind, I am running with the cart, screaming at the top of my lungs, hair flying in the wind. Ready to see the carts collide, and send wheels, metal flying through the air.


 I don’t mean to brag, but the reality is, after I walk the cart to the corral and release the cart handle from my grip, I allow it to naturally roll into the other empty carts without the slightest apology.  I walk away with a smile and a bit of a swagger, that’s just how I roll shopping peeps.




7 thoughts on “Secret Thoughts I Have All Day Long”

  1. Fun here! You, Superhero, share your powers of joy by allowing us to enjoy this romp through the ups and downs of the daily journey we all share. Thank you!

    Your superpowers seem to give you unseen strengths of appreciation for the journey even more, though. Keep on sharing!


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